Take control of your weight with clinically proven formoline L112

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Germany’s No.1 selling Pharmacy slimming tablet – now in the UK

Is your metabolism slowing down? Still carrying baby weight? Feel you can’t get fit until you lose a few pounds?

formoline L112, derived from natural sources, can help you lose 45% more weight than dieting alone. That means that for every 10lbs you might lose from dieting alone you could lose over 1 stone by also taking formoline L112.


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How can formoline L112 help you reach your goal weight?

Take the tablets twice daily and follow the formoline success plan to help you lose weight and feel great.

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Clinically proven to get results

Lose up to 45% more weight than from dieting alone with formoline L112

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Pohkis et al.,2015

How does formoline L112 work?

formoline L112 has a simple, yet effective mode of action in the body. The unique L112 binds a significant amount of dietary fats in the gastrointestinal tract and prevents them from being absorbed and stored by the body. As a result, you can cut down on calories, lose weight and maintain a healthy weight long term.

Furthermore, more than one million packs are sold around the world every year, a testimony to the products success.

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The efficacy of formoline L112 is demonstrated through a number of clinical studies with clinical trial data held on file at FW Medical Ltd. Germany’s No.1 slimming product, Pharmacy Data – IMS sales data 2017.

formoline L112 is Germany's most recommended slimming product (German Pharmacists Journal 2017)

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