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6 Ways to get Maximum Benefits from Walking to Lose Weight

Enjoyable, stress-relieving, free and easy to do anytime, anywhere, a brisk 30-minute walk per day (on flat surfaces) is an excellent weight loss exercise that will burn off 1,050 calories a week. Here are 6 ways to get maximum benefits from walking to lose weight.

Ways to Maximise Benefits from Walking to Lose Weight

1 – Choose Shoes Wisely: Walking for weight loss starts with choosing the right footwear. Walking on flat, normal surfaces simply requires low-heeled, lightweight shoes that are cushioned and comfortable. For rougher, hillier surfaces, you will need proper walking shoes. These should have flexible soles and stiff heel counters to prevent your feet from moving side-to-side. 

2 – Be Prepared: Kit yourself out with the right type of clothing to suit all weather conditions. During hot weather, walk before the sun rises too high. When it’s freezing, do the opposite.

3 – Develop a Habit: Motivation gets you started, but habits keep you going. To maximise benefits, make your walk part of your life and incorporate it into your daily routine.

Pre-breakfast walks are ideal: according to Seth Santaro (American holistic health coach), the best time to get your body’s ability to burn fat ignited and lower your body fat percentage through walking is shortly after waking up. This is  when the body is in a calorie deficit  (your body’s glycogen levels are depleted during sleep, causing it to use body fat as a source of energy).

If you’re commuting to work, try walking the last ten minutes to work at a brisk pace where you might otherwise take a bus, tube or train. Parking further away from the office is another way to increase your exercise and may save you money in parking fees too!

4 – Plan Your Route: Don’t waste precious walking time by working out your route ‘on the go’. Plan and devise multiple route options that vary in grade, length and terrain. This prevents things getting repetitive and boring.

5 – Walk to Music: A great soundtrack will motivate you into going farther and pushing harder without even noticing that you’re putting in that extra effort. Choosing tracks with tempos ranging between 75 and 130 BPM (beats per minute) will allow you to synchronise your strides to the beat. 

6 – Buddy Up: Studies have shown that strong support groups are vital to achieving and maintaining success. When walking to lose weight, with people walking alone losing less weight than those forming part of social support networks.

Even Better – Funny Buddies! According to an ‘International Journal of Obesity’ study, genuine laughter can increase resting heart rates and basal energy expenditure by anything from 10 to 20 per cent. This means having a good giggle for just 10 to 15 minutes could help you burn up an extra 40 – 170 calories whilst out on a stroll. 

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