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Swimming – a Healthy, Fun Weight Loss Exercise

Relaxing, fun and easily accessible in most areas, swimming is a fantastic weight loss exercise. Here is why. Swimming as a Weight Loss Exercise Swimming has a wide range of effects on your body: As you swim, you will start building more muscle, which in turn helps to burn fat (i.e. calories). Using energy to […]

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Healthy Diet vs. Quick-Fix Diet

Many people resort to ‘quick-fix’ diets when trying to lose weight. This is, however, not a good idea – and far less effective than a long-term healthy diet. Here is why. The Quick-Fix Diet Typically based on completely cutting out certain foods, quick-fix, or ‘fad’ diets do result in rapid and often substantial weight loss. […]

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The Best Time to Eat When Trying to Lose Weight

Losing weight is not just about following a healthy diet and getting regular exercise, it is also about when you have your meals. Here is the best time to eat for effective weight loss. Time to Eat Breakfast A study conducted by the University of Missouri’s Nutrition & Exercise Physiology department revealed that people who […]

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Motivating Yourself to Exercise

While we all know how important exercise is for our overall health, fitness and weight loss. However, there are days when the mere thought of exercising fills us with abject horror. On days like these, motivating yourself to exercise can be a real battle – so here are a few tips on getting yourself motivated. […]

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Mindfulness and Weight Loss

Reducing stress levels, improving sleep and boosting empathy, mindfulness is the “practice of directing your awareness to the present”. It can also better the relationship you have with food. Helping to shape both your eating philosophies and your body, mindful eating brings mindfulness and weight loss together. Mindfulness and Weight Loss – Mindful Eating Mindful […]

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