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Scales weight loss measuring

Top 20 Dieting Tips

Trying to lose weight? These 20 dieting tips should help you shed those pounds a little easier.

Top 20 Dieting Tips

  1. Stay calm and get plenty of sleep – you are far more likely to succumb to cravings when you feel stressed out and/or tired.
  2. Keep it steady – Aim to lose a steady maximum of 1 to 2.5 lbs per week.Scales weight loss measuring
  3. Get exercising – A short workout each day is more effective than a longer workout that is undertaken less regularly.
  4. Never shop on an empty stomach – hunger is more likely to make you buy low-nutrient, high-fat snacks on impulse.
  5. Avoid those treats – don’t buy treats like biscuits, cakes or ice cream. Instead, enjoy them once in a while when eating out only.
  6. Never skip meals – hunger usually results in making less healthy choices when you do eat.
  7. Eat breakfast – eating breakfast helps you to consume fewer calories for the rest of the day.
  8. Make sure to eat enough – fewer than 1,200 calories per day could backfire by simply slowing down your metabolism. Remember to save some of your calorie allowance for between-meal snacks.
  9. Keep your meals balanced – if you’ve overeaten on one meal, make the next one smaller.
  10. Take packed lunches – prepare your own nutritious, low-calorie lunches for work to help you stick to your diet and save money too!Healthy lunch
  11. Always sit down to eat – only eating when sitting at a table reduces unplanned nibbling.
  12. Never eat straight from a bag or box – take food out of bags/boxes to eat from a plate to control your portions.
  13. Start meals with a glass of water – drink a large glass of water 30 minutes before eating to feel full quicker.
  14. Use smaller plates – according to research, people who eat from smaller plates eat less because they think they’ve eaten more.
  15. Cut down on foods – don’t cut out entire food groups (fats, carbs, etc.) but trim your portions down to maintain a varied, healthy balance.
  16. Up your protein intake – increase your intake of protein at breakfast to feel fuller for longer, as protein is digested much slower than carbs.
  17. Chew thoroughly – Eat slowly to feel fuller sooner.
  18. Keep a diet journal – keep a log of what you eat to monitor how you’re getting on with your diet.

    Log book what you eat
    Keep a log of what you eat
  19. Stay with it – Don’t let ‘slip-ups’ lead you into overeating for the rest of the day. Simply regroup and make a better choice for your next meal.
  20. Change your lifestyle – if you mean to lose those extra pounds for good, realise that you cannot go back to the eating habits you enjoyed before your diet. Permanent weight loss means a permanent change of lifestyle.

Dieting Tips Bonus

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