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Mindfulness and Weight Loss

Reducing stress levels, improving sleep and boosting empathy, mindfulness is the “practice of directing your awareness to the present”. It can also better the relationship you have with food. Helping to shape both your eating philosophies and your body, mindful eating brings mindfulness and weight loss together.

Mindfulness and Weight Loss – Mindful Eating

Mindful eating enabes you to make healthier food choices and lose weight while enjoying eating without self-judgment or guilt. This “practice of being present as you eat” – is about:

  • Giving your undivided focus/attention to noticing how your food looks, smells, tastes and makes you feel
  • Appreciating that eating is a complex, highly fulfilling process

Why Mindfulness and Weight Loss Go Hand in Hand

Though not a weight loss remedy in itself, mindful eating can, as a tool or part of an approach, trigger healthier eating and subsequently weight loss. Mindfulness and weight loss go hand in hand because:

  1. Being conscious of what you put into your body is the key to choosing more nourishing, healthier foods. Shifting your focus from calories/numbers to how foods make you feel, mindful eating helps you understand that food is nourishment and energy, not a passive, pleasure less event.
  2. Distractions also affect how much/what you eat – making it more likely for you to make poor food choices, overeat and ignore the signs of fullness/physical discomfort. Helping you to eliminate distractions, mindful eating enables you to become “more in tune” with your body. This in turn helps you establish a healthier relationship with food and lose weight while avoiding the dreaded ‘deprivation-binge cycle’.

Mindfulness and Weight Loss Tips

These mindfulness and weight loss tips can help you eat smarter and lose weight:

  • Before eating, pause and ask yourself why you want to eat (am I hungry, thirsty or bored?)
  • Chew and savour each bite thoroughly to slow the eating process. Take note of your food’s complex flavours/textures and aid digestion.
  • Drink water before eating to slow your mind.  Allow yourself to concentrate on the impending eating process and prevent overeating.
  • Eat fresh, flavourful, vibrant foods. Notice their subtle flavours to develop a greater appreciation/taste for whole, naturally healthy foods.
  • Eat without distractions – turn off the TV, your computer, music, etc.
  • Wait before you get seconds – your gut’s signal that you’re full takes around 20 minutes to reach your brain. Take a break before making a conscious decision whether you really need more.
  • When you feel like a snack, make some tea first. The process of preparing and sipping tea often cancels out the urge to eat.
  • Take note of how you feel, your cravings and when/where you eat to help you make conscious food decisions and eat more mindfully.
  • Eat with joy and excitement, not guilt and judgment. Being kind to yourself and taking genuine pleasure in eating makes it more likely for you to honour your body and avoid overeating.

Mindfulness and weight loss combine to benefit your physical, mental and emotional health in many ways. Providing increased, long term weight loss, the formoline L112 package can further enhance these benefits.

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