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Motivating Yourself to Exercise

While we all know how important exercise is for our overall health, fitness and weight loss. However, there are days when the mere thought of exercising fills us with abject horror. On days like these, motivating yourself to exercise can be a real battle – so here are a few tips on getting yourself motivated.

Motivating Yourself to Exercise – Tip 1

Remember why you started! Are you trying to lose weight to fit into your wedding dress or that skimpy new bikini you bought? Are you training for a race or other athletic event? Keep your eye on your goal and think how far you’ve already come.

Motivating Yourself to Exercise – Tip 2

Imagine how wonderful you’ll feel after your workout! Thinking about how good you feel with endorphins flowing, a good sweat on and a real sense of achievement. This should give you enough motivation to get you going.

Motivating Yourself to Exercise – Tip 3

Make working out your ‘me time’! Don’t view exercising as a dreaded chore. See it as ‘me time’ – your time to put your happiness and health above all else and blow off a little steam. Consider adopting an altogether more holistic approach to workouts. Perhaps balancing gruelling boot camp sessions with proper cool downs including thorough stretches followed by at least five minutes of mindfulness or meditation, for example. These elements can be as important as your main workout and make excellent motivators to help you get through all that ‘tough stuff’.

Motivating Yourself to Exercise – Tip 4

Making us feel pampered, rewards are important, so promise yourself treats when (and only when) you complete workouts. These treats don’t have to be huge – you could, for instance, promise yourself to have a 30-minute sauna/steam session after your workout or watch your favourite movie when you get home. If you are working towards specific goals, treat yourself when you reach them. Get that gorgeous new outfit, have a manicure/pedicure or enjoy a glass of wine (just don’t get into the habit of rewarding yourself with junk food. This could encourage psychological dependence on specific types of food and end up derailing our progress!).

Motivating Yourself to Exercise – Tip 5

Get a workout buddy! Working out with a friend is a fantastic way to get and keep you motivated. In addition to adding a social, fun element to your sessions, it also makes you more accountable (having a friend count on you makes bailing out a lot harder!) As motivation is undoubtedly contagious, try to make sure your workout buddy is a fitness enthusiast! Alternatively, sign up for a gym class or (better still) get a personal trainer. There’s nothing as motivating as a strict gym schedule you cannot stray from!

Exercise and Weight Loss

If you’re having trouble motivating yourself to exercise because you’re trying to lose weight and it’s not ‘coming off’ as quickly as you expected, increasing your weight loss by adding formoline L112 to your daily routine could be your key to success.

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