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Swimming Weight Loss

Swimming – a Healthy, Fun Weight Loss Exercise

Relaxing, fun and easily accessible in most areas, swimming is a fantastic weight loss exercise. Here is why.

Swimming as a Weight Loss Exercise

Swimming has a wide range of effects on your body:

  • As you swim, you will start building more muscle, which in turn helps to burn fat (i.e. calories).
  • Using energy to recover and rebuild muscle-tissue. Your body uses more energy (and therefore burns more calories) even after you finished your session.
  • The heart and lungs work harder to provide the muscles with oxygen, giving your cardiovascular system a brilliant workout. As your heart and lungs get stronger, you can continue swimming for longer before you get tired.  This means you burn yet more calories.

Overall, a half-hour swimming session will, depending on your exertion level and weight, burn between 90 and 550 calories. Which, of course makes it an excellent and gentle exercise for weight loss.

Other Benefits of Swimming

In addition to burning calories and giving you a great cardiovascular workout, swimming also:

  • Strengthens your upper body as you battle against the water to move your body forward.
  • Improves flexibility of your muscles and joints due to the nature of movement involved in performing a variety of swimming strokes.
  • Improves your muscle tone and figure as you work all your major muscle groups across all areas of your body.
  • Swimming is not only an excellent weight loss exercise, but improves your overall health and may help to reduce your risk of developing chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes, heart disease or strokes, for instance Last, but by no means least, swimming is also fantastic fun, relaxing, and can give you a little well-deserved, precious ‘me time’ away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Healthy Eating

Weight loss exercise must, of course, be combined with a healthy diet to provide the results you want – which by no means should be confused with very low-calorie ‘crash’ or ‘quick fix’ diets that generally tend to merely produce short-term results (learn more about the difference between healthy and quick fix diets here).

You can speed the rate at which you lose weight without resorting to such short-term, potentially risky diets by adding formoline L112 to your daily regime. Effectively aiding weight loss by binding fats and preventing them being absorbed into your body, formoline L112 can also help to maintain your ideal weight long term once you have reached your target. Learn more.

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